What Are Veteran Death Benefits?

Death is a very difficult process for many people to go through. If the deceased was a veteran, there are specific benefits that they are entitled to. This helps loved ones with burial costs. Since there are also other services for grief counseling, many people do utilize these services too. If you have any questions related to burial benefits, you can contact Veteran Care.

When Someone Passes Away

Most of the time, the passing of a person is upsetting, and there are always other relatives and friends that are there to help someone as they are planning to bury their loved one. They will want to have as many people that care around them at the time so that they can get through the difficult process. In many cases, it is known that the deceased was a veteran, so there are specific procedures that are followed. If there is no family or friends of the deceased, the Veterans Administration will have a record of the deceased as being a veteran, and steps will be followed for that process as needed.

What Are The Amount Of The Veteran Death Benefits?

The VA has a fund that will give $796 for helping with the burial and funeral expenses. This is of the date October 1, 2019. As part of the stipulation put forth by the laws affecting the benefit, a person would need to be hospitalized by the VA at the time that they passed. If they are not hospitalized at the time of death by the VA, they will receive the amount of $300 for these types of expenses. There will also be a $796 given for a plot in a cemetery if they are not being buried in a national cemetery.

Survivors Of Veterans

The survivors of veterans will want to look up information via the Veteran’s Administration’s website in order to make sure that they are following the proper documentation in order to obtain the benefits. They may also find that there will be other things that might help them on the website. It’s a good idea for the survivors of veterans to understand the benefits that are involved and what to do when the veteran dies.

Can A Veteran Be Cremated?

The benefits of the death of a veteran are reimbursements, so the burial may also be a cremation if that is what was intended. This is all explained thoroughly to the survivors. It’s important to remember that the veteran wishes to be respected. So if they choose to be cremated that they receive that process when they pass away. It’s important to understand that the government does not particularly pay for a casket, cremation, or embalming. Still, it does help with money for the survivors to have some form of service for the deceased.

A Burial Flag

There is a burial flag provided for any veteran that was not dishonorably discharged. A survivor can apply for this flag for the deceased through the website at no cost, and it can be picked up at any US post office. This is something that is very important to have after the death of a veteran. It becomes a cherished heirloom in a family and is passed down throughout the generations.

Who Should Be Contacted In The Event Of A Veterans Death?

A survivor should call 1-800-827-1000 at the Veterans Association National Call Center. These are professionals that are trained in the information that a survivor will need to know about the services available for veterans. They will be able to claim the benefits when the veteran has passed so that they can receive the help that they are entitled to. These experts will have the answers that are needed.

Special Representatives

If a survivor, a veteran, is not sure how to go about the process for claiming benefits, they should obtain the help of a special representative. This person will able to follow their particular case and make sure that they are getting all of the benefits that are available to them. Since it can be very complicated, it is highly beneficial that they use the assistance of the representative at no cost.

Their Qualifications

These representatives are trained thoroughly in their duties and responsibilities. They understand all of the processes that the VA offers and what documentation is needed. Since they are experts at what they do, they are able to make sure that the paperwork is completed properly and delivered to the right department. They are adept at making sure that everything is done correctly in the event of a veteran’s death.

Survivor Benefits

There are many cases where the surviving spouse will receive other benefits too. This will all depend on a variety of circumstances, and the representative can assist with this too. They will make sure that the survivor receives all the benefits that are entitled to them, which can include survivor pensions, health care, and more. This will all depend on a number of issues, and that is why it’s important that the survivor has the help of a knowledgeable person that can guide them through the process.

The Counseling Services

If a person is having a lot of difficulties when the veteran passes away, they should take advantage of the grief counseling services that are available. Since this is something that is very beneficial, the VA is accommodating when they offer this type of service. It helps the survivors to carry on with their lives even though they are traumatically affected by the loss of their loved ones. It makes a lot of difference for them in many highly beneficial ways.

It’s always important to honor the memory of loved ones and also that they are thanked if they were a veteran. At certain times during the year on national holidays, loved ones will honor gravesites with flags as well as flowers and other mementos for their deceased. Loved ones also like to have services in their memory from time to time. There are many different ways that they memorialize their loved ones that were veterans.

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