About Us

The focus of this website is on military missions, organizational structure, training, capabilities, and hardware, that are both retired as well as in use.

The website only includes information that has been obtained from public sources. Nothing is published that is not part of public knowledge. We define “Public Knowledge” as being specialized books (Flottes de Combat, Jane’s All World Aircraft, etc.), official institutional sites (Ejército Venezolano, Fuerza Aérea Argentina, etc.) or unofficial, yet public forums or websites (Foros Zona Militar, SAORBATS, the Latin American Aviation Historial Society, etc.).

On each of our content pages, we will list our specific information sources, but our general information sources are listed in our General Bibliography as well as in various links to other online sites.

Given that this project is clearly fairly ambitious, the website first focuses on aircraft, boats, and ships. After that our focus shifts to other more land oriented organizational structures and hardware.

The opinions and comments that are expressed on this website clearly are the sole responsibility of the author. They are expressions of his personal views on what the current state is of the equipment and organizations that are discussed. There has been great care taken to not get involved in nationalistic arguments or other types of non-sequiturs which have a tendency to abound every time there is a discussion of military subjects. The opinions and comments of the authors are expressed from a fairly postmodernist western and eurocentric cosmovision way of thinking. At times these opinions might be considered to be controversial, and the author would like to encourage open discussion around these opinions and comments and to be challenged in order of his arguments to have better facts, arguments, and logic. The author has not ever been, and is not currently, associated with any security organization or branch of the military.

Considering that the website was just started recently, it only provides some information on a couple of aircraft that some military organizations in Latin America use, and the history of the organizations in addition to some of the ships and Navies.

The author would obviously be quite happy to receive any additions, corrections and or comments to the information that is present here and also as photos and/or public information on future or current countries. Of special interest are photographs of army equipment, planes, and ships, information on manufacturer construction numbers, serial number information, the order of organizational structure and battle, technical characteristics and equipment configuration.

I have indicated in our General Bibliography section only the magazines and/or book which I have personally in my library. Any new references to magazines and/or books with articles pertaining to military organizations as well as their equipment are always welcomed by the author. Thank you in advance for your magazine and/or book gifts and your patronage. The author has unfortunately collected numerous photographs from many websites online without taking the proper care to note the names of the photographer. I will be working to correct this mistake and provide due credit as I find the information. Thank you again for your understanding.